Scuba diving in Curacao is fun!

by Doug
(Toronto, Canada)

Curacao diving - Moray Eel in a barrel sponge

Curacao diving - Moray Eel in a barrel sponge

I have done scuba diving in Curacao many times. When you visit this beautiful island the water is as clear as you will see in the Caribbean. You can hop on a boat and hit spots almost all the wonderful scuba dive sites in Curacao along the west coast of the island. There is lots to see here - a great variety. The water temperature is usually around 82 degrees.

There are lots of scuba operators on the island. Eels are all over the place - all different types too. There are lobsters, crabs, eels, barracuda, squid, great corals and even the odd large fish like tarpon. It really doesn't get much better than Curacao diving!

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