Whale Shark

Largest Fish in the World!

The whale shark is the largest fish in the sea. They are docile creatures with a large appetite for plankton, algae and tiny sea creatures.

They are filter feeders and are very playful with divers and snorkelers. They suck food into their large mouths and filter out anything they don't want to eat!

In the Caribbean, they are regularly seen around the Island of Utila, Honduras. And the best times of year to snorkel with these beauties are March-April and August-September.

Belize also boasts of having frequent sightings just off their shores.

Isla Mujeres, Mexico is not to be left out as the month of July they have their annual "Whale Shark Festival". It is an eco-friendly festival geared towards families with an opportunity to sample local cuisine, culture and of course a chance to swim with these migrating peaceful sharks.

These sharks are endangered, therefore conservation and sustainability is encouraged during encounters.

The Caribbean is a wonderful place to see them, as long as it is safe and does not disrupt the peacefulness that they represent.

Would you feel comfortable swimming in open waters with a whale shark? Feel free to leave comments below...

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