All Types of sharks in the Caribbean

 All Types of SharksQuite a few different types of sharks reside in the region but not all sharks are found in the tropical waters of the Caribbean. Get to know more about these important sea creatures and what makes each type of shark so unique. From hammerheads to reef sharks get to know more about these amazing animals. Explore pictures, clipart, diving among them in the Caribbean. They are an important part of the marine life ecosystem.

Tiger Shark

  • They love warm waters so you can go on a scuba diving adventure with these in the Bahamas.

Whale Shark

  • Known as the biggest fish in the world, you would be surprised that they also very gentle while cruising through the ocean. You can even go swimming with whale sharks while on your snorkeling or scuba diving vacation in Cancun.

Caribbean Reef Shark

  • Commonly found cruising along reef in the Caribbean, they are relatively docile.

Hammerhead Sharks

  • With their uniquely shaped head they can be found off the Cocos Islands of Costa Rica or even as far south in the Caribbean as Tobago.

Bull Sharks

  • Bahamas has these animals and at times they are found in both fresh and salt water.

Nurse Shark

  • Luckily they are found at the bottom of the reef floor and they tend to be asleep during the day and more active at night. If you see one while scuba diving they'll probably won't even acknowledge them unless you provoke them.

Lemon Sharks

  • By now you would have noticed that Bahamas is quite popular for sharks. And these lemons can be seen by scuba divers while on expedition.

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