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This Caribbean scuba diving forum is your place to join in about your experience diving around the islands of the region.

It is fun, free ans easy to join in the forum discussions!

With the current forum, there are a list of topics where you can share a photo, commentary or even ask questions.

Just click on a topic that interests you and start writing.


  1. Anguilla Diving Forum

    Experiences from divers in Anguilla are all unique, you get to share, what stood out, great things that happened, or what you disliked.

    Have you scuba dived in Anguilla as well?
    If yes, please Click Here to share the experience with us.

  2. Antigua & Barbuda Dives

    We all know Antigua and Barbuda has great diving.

    Click Here to share your love for scuba diving in Antigua & Barbuda

  3. Scuba Diving in Aruba

    In this forum talk about some of your most enchanting Aruba dives.

    Click Here to share your experience of diving in Aruba with us.

  4. Scuba Diving in the Bahamas

    Share about some of your most intriguing Bahamas dives.

    Click Here to share your Bahamas experience.

  5. Barbados Diving

    Yup, exactly as it says!

    Click Here to add your own Barbados dive adventure.

  6. Scuba Belize

    Just as it says - visitors share the experiences of their favourite Belize dives.

    So you were here too?
    Click Here
    to share your top dives.

  7. Bermuda Scuba Diving

    Which is your favorite dive in the Bermuda?

    Click Here to share your favorite place to dive in Bermuda.

  8. Bonaire Dive Adventures

    Join the discussion about Bonaire diving.

    Click Here to post your dive experience.

  9. Underwater Brazil

    Another buzzing forum, visitors share what sparks that special feeling when they dive in Brazil.

    Click Here and let us hear from YOU.

  10. Explore & Dive British Virgin Islands

    Exciting and fun!

    Do YOU have an interesting, exciting or fun dive story about the BVI islands?
    Click Here to share it with us.

  11. Cayman Islands

    Give your take on diving in the Cayman Islands. We always LOVE hearing from you! :-)

    Click Here to get started.

  12. Colombia's Deep Blue

    A forum where anyone who has scuba dived in Colombia get to connect in an extraordinary way!

  13. Costa Rica Dive Forum

    Here visitors can connect with anyone who loves sharing about diving in Costa Rica

    Click Here to read from divers who already posted.

  14. Underwater Cuba

    This page captures the latest scuba diving in Cuba.

    Click Here to read highlights.

  15. Curacao's Deep Blue.

    Just as the name suggests.
    Click Here
    to share your best Curacao dives!

  16. Dominica Dives

    How much do you enjoy them?
    Click Here
    to share your thoughts about your Dominica Underwater adventures.

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