Anguilla Island

Enjoy superb Scuba Diving in Anguilla

When you think of Anguilla island, you think more about it's beaches, restaurants, expansive views of the Caribbean turquoise seas.

Although snorkeling in the clear turquoise waters of Anguilla is second to none, Anguilla scuba diving can be very enjoyable as long as your dive operator knows the best dive spots.

Now that you are prepped for enjoying the Anguillan waters....There are 7 marine parks: Dog Island, Prickley Pear, Seal Island Reef System, Little Bay, Sandy Island and Shoal Bay Harbour Reef System. At the Marine Parks you must adhere to strict rules to protect the delicate ecosystems.

Get your Anguilla wreck diving fix at Stoney Bay Marine Park, which boasts a truly unique attraction, a 960-ton Spanish galleon, El Buen Consejo.

The following video shows the wonderful marine life that can be encountered in the Anguilla waters. You will see an abundance of Caribbean spiny lobsters protecting their territory. Also lookout for the Atlantic spadefish, pillar coral, sea cucumber, Spanish hog fish, moral eels, stingrays, barracudas and the occasional nurse shark.

My highlight of this video was seeing a flying gurnard, with its wings spread!

Anguilla has extremely healthy reefs so why not plan a vacation to go explore them?

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