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Red Seahorse off Utila, part of the Bay of Islands Chain off the coast of Honduras. Photo by by Scubaben

It is always loads of fun going on a dive trip in the Caribbean. But when the adventure is over your stories and photos get stashed away.

The hard part is that you spent all that money on traveling and diving, and sometimes your family and friends are not able to connect with all that dive jargon that you uncontrollably start spilling...

Now you have the opportunity to share your stories with like minded dive enthusiasts throughout the world.

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  • Your scuba diving story must be 400 words or more to be considered for judging.

  • Tell us about a scuba diving location anywhere in the Caribbean or Latin America...

  • What marine life did you see on your dive?

  • Any enriching or memorable experiences during your actual scuba diving in the Caribbean country.

  • Tell us about your accommodation during your dive trip.

  • Do you have anything great about the dive operator you scuba dived with?

  • Other wonderful activities that complimented your visit and you highly recommend.

  • Your writeup must be original and cannot be copied from another source


  • Submit a video of your dive trip. You can also upload a video of your dive excursion to YouTube or any other video-sharing site and send us the link. Make sure the clip can be embedded so we can feature it on the site alongside your photos.

How is a winner chosen?

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