Discover the Bull Shark in the Caribbean

Scuba diving with the bull shark in Walker's Cay, Abaco in the Bahamas can provide quite a thrill for divers willing to spend intimate time with these creatures. They are usually found in tropical waters around the Caribbean.

These tough looking sharks are usually found in murky water looking for food. Contrary to belief, they are not looking for a human meal. Bulls can be found close to the coast, they sometimes swim up rivers. Unfortunately, very few people expect to see sharks in these areas.

The following video shows that it is possible to swim with them unharmed. Scuba divers tend to have a pleasant experience. On most occasions, a shark may get curious and approach for a closer look. However, they rarely attack.

They are robust, bulky with a massive build, with a round nose and smaller eyes than its counterparts. Imagine a bodybuilder when you think of these bulls, very stocky with no neck in sight.

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