Caribbean Reef Shark

The Caribbean reef shark is one of the most commonly encountered sharks in the tropical waters of the Caribbean.

If you are in the Caribbean scuba diving, they can be found in shallow waters on or around coral reefs.


You can easily identify them by their rather short, broad and round snout with large eyes that are circular. These sharks are dark gray and brown above and white or white-yellow on their under-bellies.

They tend to come out at night and feed on eagle rays and yellow stingrays.

 Caribbean reef shark

Unfortunately, because of the many misconceptions about sharks in general, this species is at "Near Threatened" status. "Near Threatened" simply means that these sharks may become extinct in the near future due to their reducing numbers through overfishing and exploitation of their meat and fins.

Sharks are currently being protected in some marine park areas off Brazil, the Bahamas and other parts of the Caribbean region.

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