Great hammerhead shark

The Great hammerhead shark is one of the more interesting sharks found in the Caribbean region.

It is pretty difficult to mistake them when seen since oddly shaped head makes them quite unique. As its name states, the head of this giant animal is shaped as a ...you guessed it! Hammer!

Their eyes and nostrils used for sensing prey and danger are located on either side of its head. The flattened shape of its head makes it easy to tackle its food and pin it down if necessary.

They thrive well in warmer months of the year. They are found around Caribbean islands as far south as Tobago. There are regular spottings of the hammerheads around the Sister's Rock, a popular dive site in Tobago in April for these creatures. They come in huge numbers and are hardly notice divers.

You can head north to go scuba diving with shark in the Bahamas aquamarine waters. They are especially found in thte waters off Bimini Island in the warmer months of the year.

Do enjoy this great hammerhead shark video cruising in the waters of Bimini, Bahamas.

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