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Scuba diving careers take you away from the everyday office and out into a field of careers in diving. Here you can find resources and tips to get you closer to one of the diving careers waiting for you. In addition to being able to help those in need while on a dive, there are a few things that will get you even closer to your goal.

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As a dive master or scuba diving instructor, you will meet many people from all walks of life, ages, background. It is your responsibility to make sure each diver whether newbie or experienced feels secure, safe and comfortable with you.

ALWAYS exude confidence, encourage them to have a good time and show that you have the ability to lead a group successfully.

Recreational Diving Industry

Become a certified diver. Internationally, PADI will certainly get you on the path to you diving career. Pair off with a dive school

Log ALL dives. Even as an open and advanced open water diver log all your dives.

Become a dive master. Since it takes 60 logged dives to become a dive master. You are now able to guide capable divers on underwater excursions.

Become a scuba diving instructor. If you log 100 dives with at least 6 months of experience you are on your way to making the real money and you are able to teach and certify others.

Things to remember...

  • Smile!
  • Keep up-to-date diver's insurance such as DAN
  • Learn basic foreign language skills ethnicities you may encounter
  • Know metric and imperial conversion
  • Stay calm when an unstable diver panics
  • Always remain alert


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