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Wonders of the Underwater

How else would you know what sea animals lurk beneath until you have seen some sea life pictures? Ocean animals have not been explored as much as they deserve but I want to bring to you some fun and excitingly beautiful sea animal pictures.

Find Pictures of Sea Animals

Pictures of sea animals can be captivating and it is amazing to know the effort that goes into each and every photo.

Photographing animals on land can sometimes be a daunting task. Can you imagine being many metres underwater scuba diving and thinking about your buoyancy control, photo exposure, composition, AND capturing that award-winning photo that makes you beam at the end of a dive?....Now imagine thinking of all that and more all at once?

Many kudos go out to the underwater photographers of these gorgeous ocean animal pictures taken in Caribbean waters.

Sea Life Pictures-01

Ocean Animal Picture by Divemasterking2000

Isn't this harmonious? A golden banded coral shrimp relaxing with a hermit crab. Beautifully photographed in St Croix.

Sea Life Pictures-02

Sea Animal Pictures by Laszlo ILYES

This spotted trunkfish played peek-a-boo from behind a purple tube sponge long enough for Laszlo to capture a close-up picture. Doesn't it look like its puckering up for a kiss? It's metallic skin adds a brilliance to this photo taken in Curacao.

Sea Life Pictures-03

Ocean Animal Picture by Laszlo ILYES

Brittle stars are starfish-like however have long skinny arms. They are aptly named because of how easily their arms fall off when touched. They are usually found in deep waters and love to be active at night.

This brittle star was photographed on a night dive in Curacao.

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