The Tiger Shark

The Tiger of the Ocean - find them in the Caribbean

The tiger shark is a beast of the ocean. They are found within the Caribbean waters.

In the Caribbean, the Bahamas, these sharks are popular and they are quite an attraction for scuba divers.

They are the most feared and misunderstood sharks...

What makes them special?

  • It got its name from the tiger-like stripes on its body.
    They eat anything and the kitchen sink.
    Unfortunately, they have a very bad reputation for human attacks.

If you ever want to dive face-to-face you can sign up for Bahamas "Tiger Beach" Expedition. To get an idea of what you may encounter, the following video is shot in the beautiful waters off Grand Bahama Island, at a site fondly known as Tiger Beach.

As you see in the video below, it is possible to swim unharmed by these sharks...that's right no cages...

You may also see the occasional lemon shark in this video...

These sharks are hand just goes to show, if these sharks are respected, we can co-exist with them harmoniously underwater.

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