Underwater Diving Jobs

Underwater diving jobs can take you to amazing places and allow you to have extraordinary experiences. You can find scuba instructor jobs throughout the Caribbean region with scuba dive jobs on resorts, at scuba retails shops, dive centers and more.

Recreational diver jobs

To qualify for this job, you must be a certified dive master or dive instructor. Your job description may entail : -

  • Certifiying others in becoming SCUBA divers

  • Rescuing divers in difficulties

  • Leading individuals and groups on snorkel trips

  • Managing dive trips

  • Educating divers on marine life

  • Maintaining scuba gear and equipment


There are countless options as a recreational diver, you could work on a live-aboard in Bahamas, a dive shop in Aruba, a dive resort in St. Maarten or a cruise ship line around the Caribbean region.

Income is dependent on the cost of living which varies from country to country. Your salary can range from $8000 U.S. to $40,000 U.S. per year.

Aquarium Cleaner

Photo by Nugget04
Have you ever seen large aquariums in hotels and water parks? Ever wondered how they got cleaned? Someone has to get down there! It just may be you.

A pretty famous aquarium in the Caribbean is found in Atlantis Marine Habitat and Exhibit Lagoons, Paradise Island, Bahamas.. As a scuba diver this is just one of the jobs you can get.

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