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If you want to make serious money while diving then commercial diving jobs are for you! However, as with all careers you pursue it is not all about the money you make. It is also about commitment and passion.

Commercial diving is a grungy job that requires you to think on your feet, apply lots of common sense and take on challenges head on.

So we mentioned money...in the entry level phase as a commercial diver, you can expect to earn between $18,000 U.S. and $35,000 U.S. a year. And here is the best part...you only work 6 months out of a year. Subsequent pay increases vary by your experience so be prepared to put in some hard work and long hours for a few years to come.


To be become a commercial diver, training is required, which is usually a period of 16 weeks or more. The cost of this skill set can be quite steep however, rewards are high. Be sure to inquire about job placement before enrollment. Most schools will assist you in finding a job at the end of your course!

Commercial diving is not just about collecting a hefty paycheck. Don't be surprised if you work in conditions of forceful waves, strong currents, cold or even dark environments.

Where would you be most useful as a commercial diver?

The need for this profession in the Caribbean is most in offshore welding, exploration of pipelines and ship corrosion inspection of cruise lines.

If you can handle traveling constantly, regular changes in environment, being away from family and friends for extended periods of time, with an infinite passion for diving and working underwater, you can have a fruitful career as a commercial diver.

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